And I don’t mean bad as in naughty…

I mean bad as in not always doing the right thing.  Because let me tell you, there is nothing more stressful than the pressures that come with always trying to do the right thing.  Recently, I gave up my normal obsession/compulsion with always doing right in a couple areas of my life.  At work, it bit me in the butt…hard!  But, it worked out in the end, kinda.  I lost some confidence from others, but perhaps I also gained a bit of freedom from always having to be the go-to person. 

In one of my volunteer positions, I am not sure yet what the repercussions will be, but I actually feel relaxed about it, unlike my normal stress – no sleep, sick, headache, etc. symptoms.

But I pose this question to the ether…is it so bad to not always do the right thing?  Most people don’t worry about that so much…even people who answer to a higher power.  I don’t have that weighing over my head.  I just want to be a good person, to make the world a better place.  But, is it so bad in the long run if I miss a deadline or don’t follow through on a project?  Will the world end?  Ninety percent of the time, it doesn’t even seem to make a difference if I do or don’t.  Should I lighten up on myself. 

I am the product of a military dad who also tended to be somewhat of a perfectionist with high expectations for all around him.  He has essentially been out of my life for the last twenty years.  Isn’t it time that I take my life back?