Today isn’t exactly the anniversary, but more like this week last year was the more heartwrenchingly, soul destroying week of my life.  A year ago, The One told me that he was no longer interested in me romantically.  A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of him…that I don’t miss him. I miss his friendship. I miss his affection.  I miss his love.  His Girl is very lucky because I have never known anyone so loving, affectionate, caring, fun, intelligent, witty, humorous and sexy.  I wish them the best and maybe one day, I will have the nerve to excise him from my life, even though he is essentially out of my life now.  I wonder when I will stop seeing him in everything…when I will stop thinking of him in foods, movies, games, books, tv, etc.  Someday, the pain has got to pass.  Someday, I must be freed from this torment.  Right?  I have loved before.  It took a long time to get over Young Love.  But, The One made his imprint on my heart in a way that no one ever did before.  Is it possible to get over The One?  I try to comfort myself with foolishness.  But, it is fleeting and unlasting.  As the next year passes, I will keep hoping for resolution.  I know that he will never come back to me, even if it ended with His Girl.  But, I will ALWAYS be here for him, no matter how many years pass.

I love you, One.