A beautiful note shared on Facebook by my friend GG who I suspect has a crush on another friend.  I had to share…I miss my ONE who shared such beautiful emotions with me once. 

So it has begun once again, a connection felt with few words.

I begin to ponder where it will go, I begin to wonder what  is next.

Scars from the past still fracture my heart, words still sting my soul. 

I must let go, I must open myself once again.

Give it a chance to heal, ignite the flame which once burned bright many years ago.

The body longing for the touch, my ears lingering in close for any words spoken from her sweet lips.

The gaze of her eyes will bare the truth, does she want to let me in close or push me away.

Does she long for my touch, for these arms to hold her in tight and never let go.

Do my words sing a song, as I whisper nothing but bliss.

Delicate breath, my hands make her body tremble with each stroke across her skin.

Her emotions confused, her heart still broken from the past ones she thought she once loved.

She says please don’t let go, please give me the time to give you what could be yours.

I say to her, the time will be given and I will be here waiting for that day.

The night ends well, we both know how we feel, we both know what we want…

as we fall asleep in each others arms.