HAHAHAHAHAHA! Agreed, the two words do NOT mean the same thing. Perhaps in using the word “voluptuous,” they were hoping to gain some PC points rather than using fat, but then, why qualify it with the word “portly” immediately after it? I don’t agree with all the choices of “voluptuous” this blogger includes, but I love the sentiment. Perhaps it is just my own perception, but I have always thought of voluptuous as meaning “curvy, in a sexy way.” I wouldn’t consider Princess Leia or Marge Simpson in that category. I would definitely add Scarlett Johanssen…WOW! She makes me wonder if being a lesbian wouldn’t be so awkward, after all (along with Jessica Rabbit and Salma Hayek)…hahaha.

Voluptuous VS. Portly Though it's been years, I'm no stranger to online dating.  One of the parts I dislike the most is filling out the profile section.  I'm not good at talking myself up, so it's always a chore but one site really made it a challenge.  These were the options you had to pick from when describing your body type: Thin Athletic Height/Weight Proportionate A Few Extra Pounds Voluptuous/Portly Am I the only one who see's a problem with that last one?  How … Read More

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