Thank you for this post! I, too, along with my daughter, are frustrated by the non-stop gimmickry surrounding breast cancer awareness. It is particularly prevalent in the fall…October, but it tends to be an all year thing. What about the other cancers? What about the other diseases? I don’t want to sound cold hearted. I have had my own personal scare with breast cancer. I have an aunt and a friend who are survivors. But I have many other relatives and friends who have both won and lost the battle of other types of cancer and disease.

The cost put into marketing for breast cancer awareness is obviously a marketing ploy for businesses and a tax write-off for other groups. I am glad that so many people get on the bandwagon and participate, but I wonder if it really generates the funds for research or if it is just padding the bottom lines of businesses and organizations. Like Christmas decorations coming out on November 1st, there is a point where things like this are over campaigned and become a source of irritation. Of course, 99% of people out there won’t admit that for something like breast cancer awareness…so un-PC, but I suspect that the percentage that finds it irritating is pretty high in comparison.

So, I implore everyone out there to find ways to help. It doesn’t have to be just breast cancer awareness. There are plenty of other diseases out there needing research dollars as well as many other important charities doing good things. Don’t jump on the pink parade just because it is the thing to do.

Much love to my Aunt Polly and Tami, breast cancer survivors and Michele, who passed away 4 years ago from ovarian cancer.

Thanks NFL; I'm now aware of breast cancer! The NFL, in line with baseball and other sports, has promoted a "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" theme of wearing pink and displaying breast cancer awareness messages onscreen. Many who know me know that I have a continuous beef with the endless "Breast Cancer Awareness" campaigns (see also), … Read More

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