I love how this post ends. I actually disagree with AC about the word gay. I suppose it is because I live in a fairly liberal community and am surrounded by a liberal world in my choice of television, movies, friends, etc. I have family, friends, coworkers, etc. who are gay and in no way is gay used in a derogative manner. It has just come to mean homosexual….though I admit that for a short time, it was driving me nuts to hear the youth (mid/high schoolers) using it to mean something was wrong or bad…thank goodness that habit fell by the wayside. At any rate, AC’s point and the point of the blogger is valid regarding our own internal dialogue. I am constantly troubled by my inner dialogue…in every conversation I have, in every comment I hear, with every mirror I pass, I am filled with self doubt and self criticism. I am guilty of allowing that inner dialogue to be “heard” by my teenage daughter. I have no doubt that a lot of her inner dialogue stems from the habit of “hearing” mine. So, if I take anything away from this article, it will be the final conclusion of this blogger…the theme of the video of that little girl in the mirror…practice positive self-talk =)

Talk To Me, Anderson Cooper I think Anderson Cooper is one smart, foxy dude. I don’t actually watch his show, but I still enjoy seeing his baby blues when I flip by en route to an irresistible re-run of What Not To Wear. I also have a friend whose husband looks exactly like him. I mean, seriously, he could be AC’s lost twin. Check this out. Isn’t that cool?! Anyway, it caught my eye when internet stories started to bubble last week about Cooper’s reaction to the derogatory … Read More

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